Ian Brown is a nature photographer who is best known for images of his home territory in the Blue Mountains. He also ranges over much of Australia and beyond.

As a bushwalker, naturalist, rock climber, mountaineer, paddler and conservationist, Ian immerses himself in wild places. His images arise out of that intimacy and joy, and from his desire to convey the richness and meaning of the natural world. He tries to capture beauty with clarity and integrity.

Our planet’s surviving wilderness is now more threatened than ever before in history. Humanity’s struggle to live within the Earth’s natural limits has become urgent, but has only just begun. Ian hopes his images might help in a small way to secure a place in that future for wild lands, and all the other life that flourishes there.

Ian prefers to work in a traditional way with a large format view camera and film. This requires a careful, contemplative approach and a quiet connection to the rhythms of nature. It allows precise control of composition, focus and perspective and offers fine resolution. He also uses digital equipment, as well as medium format film and 35 mm film in the past.

Ian’s images have been published in numerous magazines, books, diaries, calendars, websites and displays. His photographic prints have been widely exhibited in the Blue Mountains and are held in private and public collections. Ian’s photographs illustrated the official World Heritage nomination for the Greater Blue Mountains Area and he was the main photographer for The Australian Geographic Book of Cape York, Threatened Wonderland: the Gardens of Stone and the acclaimed book A Passion for Place: Gardens of the Blue Mountains.

Ian’s own book Wild Blue: World Heritage splendour of the Greater Blue Mountains has been described as “a monument to the Blue Mountains” (National Parks Journal) and the images as “elemental and hugely majestic” (The Australian). Each year some of his best work appears in the Wild Blue Mountains Calendar.

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