Most photographs are presented geographically, for those who love a sense of place. Others are grouped in portfolios of favourite themes. Images may appear in more than one gallery or portfolio.

The Blue Mountains

A million hectares of World Heritage wild country, and an intricate, resistant landscape of enormous diversity.

Other Places

New South Wales beyond the Blue Mountains, other parts of Australia, New Zealand, Greenland and Iceland.


Wildlife photography is a whole other specialised pursuit, but sometimes in my travels opportunities present themselves and I try to make the most of them.


Some favourite ‘action images’ from recent wilderness journeys in Australia, New Zealand, Greenland and Iceland.


I’ve always admired fine monochrome photography, but never invested the time and effort needed for a darkroom. Now the ‘digital darkroom’ allows me to explore this classic medium.

Portfolios - colour

Colour portfolios on natural themes

Portfolios - B & W

Monochrome portfolios on natural themes

New images: New Zealand 2017

Three high mountain walks in February 2017...Firstly a 12-day traverse along the Livingstone Mountains from Key Summit to Mavora Lakes. Most of the time was at altitudes above 1200m, with very cold and cloudy weather (much more serious to the west). Then the weather turned for the better so we headed for Fiordland. First we climbed Mt Crowfoot (1685m) direct out of Doubtful Sound and traversed out over the Dingwall and Matterhorn Mountains (5 days). Then to the long-admired Mt Titiroa (1715m) and a circuit through the unnamed high peaks of the central Hunter Mountains (6 days). These images are in chronological order (for now).