Prints available from Ian Brown’s solo exhibitions.

  • New South Wales inland

Reality and quietude mixed with intrigue. The subject may not be immediately obvious, but will be something unusual found in nature and faithfully portrayed: phenomena, ephemera, the familiar rendered unfamiliar, and strangeness celebrated. An exhibition at Blue Mountains Botanic Garden 2019-20. Contact us to purchase prints.

Edge of Light (2017)

Images exhibited at Gallery in the Park, NPWS Heritage Centre in Blackheath, December 2017. This exhibition is my first entirely in monochrome. Most of the images have been selected from wild landscapes where I have felt a strong connection, stemming from extended sojourns or repeated visits over many years, and many small moments of grace. Connecting to the greater natural world is very important to me, and I hope this is reflected in what I choose to photograph and exhibit. Striving to communicate the wonder is why I make pictures. Many wild regions exude a power that may be as much about the person as the place, but I can’t help believe that we humans are capable of a deep response and attachment to nature: its landforms, other lives, beauty and atmospherics. This sense of wonder, perhaps love, must come from our deep history, but is informed by knowledge and experience. These are some of the scenes that have inspired me, from places of value beyond measure.

A leaf, a tree, a forest: wild gardens of the Blue Mountains (2017)

Prints exhibited at Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, October 2017. This exhibition is about the bushland of the Blue Mountains. It is a contemplation and a celebration: of the flourishing and the beauty of natural vegetation across this landscape. It is not comprehensive. How could it be, with ten thousand and more square kilometres and hundreds of different plant communities? It is a sample, and a very small one at that, of the glories to be discovered. I encourage you to do so… go for a wander, learn more of the plants, what they need to live and how they die, sit on the ground, look and feel. All images were captured in the wild, using digital and large format film cameras.

The Blue Mountains: grandeur & intimacy (2015)

Images exhibited at Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah, in 2015.