Portfolios – colour


Gumtrees are the quintessential Australian - in about 900 varieties. From the diminutive Varnished Gum of alpine Tasmania to 400-year-old forest giants like the Mountain Ash, eucalypts dominate almost every treed environment from the desert to the sea. Barron Field, a colonial judge, naturalist, intellectual and aristocrat was utterly unimpressed, writing in 1822: "there is not a single scene...of which a painter could make a landscape, without greatly disguising the true character of the trees", which just shows that breeding and education are no inoculation against stupidity.


Shifting and vital, water in all its forms is often the most dynamic element of a natural scene, reflecting the prevailing light while helping to create it, and highlighting our own transience.


Texture, form and colour; rock is the foundation of everything here on Earth. To the human time scale, apparently enduring...and yet geologically fleeting, subject to fascinating processes of erosion and slow decay.


The mercurial edge of the sea...a place of mystery and dark magic.

Crepuscular light

Carlos Castaneda wrote that his Yaqui mentor, Don Juan, said "Twilight is the crack between the worlds". He was talking about other levels of reality. I don't know about that, but its certainly a time of change and unique effects. With a softness, and sometimes colour, twilight is a wonderful time to make images.