Laugavegur walk, Iceland

On the way back from Greenland (pics still coming!) at the end of August, I spent 8 days on the Laugavegur trail in Iceland.  The name means something like “Hot Springs Way” and its the most popular extended walk in Iceland.  The trail traverses an astounding and varied volcanic landscape, first across colourful, thermally active rhyolite highlands, then through more stable and very black lava country, with icecaps looming all around.  I walked south from Landmannalaugur to Thorsmork (“Thor’s Forest”) and then continued over the 2010 Eyjafjallajokull eruption site and and  Fimmvorthuhals (“Five Cairns Pass”) to finish at Skogar on the south coast.  There was a lot of fog and rain! (plus one ‘hurricane’) but on the last morning a frost.

(My apologies that this template does not allow the use of  special Icelandic characters for authentic spelling).

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Herbfield and birch trees, Basar
Snowlines and sun


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